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Hi, I'm Anna. I'm a mom, photographer, creative director, chef, and soon to be divorcé. I've created this site as an endeavor to publish work by myself and other women/LGBTQAI+ artists that digs into the dirty, beautiful, no holding back realities of heartache, divorce, love, and parenthood. 

I haven't written like this in a long time, but damn does it feel good. I needed a sacred way to release it to the public, and instead of waiting for someone to do it for me, I bought the damn domain, and here we are. Thanks for being here.


I hope the selective work you experience here in the months and years to come, curated by myself, and a team of other badass writers and artists I admire, will inspire you, embolden you, and heal you. 

If you have something you need to say, and are looking for a safe space to do so, please submit your work. We would love to read it, and consider publishing it here.


(Fully aware that as a professional photographer I should have a more professional current photo without a seatbelt across my chest, but c'est la vie.)  


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